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PFT Infographic

PFT Infographic | Piktochart Infographic Editor

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Founded in the Year 2016, as a private limited company, Partner For Technology justifying its initial existence has stretched its hands out as a technology consultants for the startups. With the State-of – the -Art Technology and with the meticulously trained professional staff, Partner For Technology fuels the business visionaries’ growth engine with assured business application development – based quotes by automating and orchestrating the complete enterprise lifecycle from lead to care.
Our apps have been worked with the most innovative mobile & web technologies accessible, giving significant features counting GPS mapping and fencing, social networking, barcode scanning, Bluetooth integration, RFID, chat functions, video calling, and much more.

Partner For Technology is setting the new standards & redefining the brand chemistry in the marketplace, thus is shaping new forms of customer value. It’s vigilant ability to see change & adapt to it implies that Partner For Technology is keeping ahead of the game. That is, being a technology consultant – high performance delivered.


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What languages are necessary to build an Android app?

What languages are necessary to build an Android app? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

Java is most important language for Android development, the other languages are:

  • Java – primary android development language
  • C++ – NDK for libraries, not apps
  • Python, bash, et. al. – Via the Scripting Environment
  • Corona– One is to use the Corona SDK . Corona is a high level SDK built on the LUA programming language. LUA is much simpler to learn than Java and the SDK takes away a lot of the pain in developing Android app.
  • Phonegap technology / Cardova – which used HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS
  • Xamarin technology – that uses c# and in which mono is used for that. Here MonoTouch and Mono for Android are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications.

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What languages are necessary to build an Android app?

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How do I ensure that my mobile app idea doesn’t get stolen by the app developer?

How do I ensure that my mobile app idea doesn't get stolen by the app developer? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

The Vision and value of any company describe it’s loyalty for it’s clients

SITSL has vision to deliver best business solution to clients ,you trust on us

How do I ensure that my mobile app idea doesn't get stolen by the app developer?

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How do I hire a mobile application development company with a better app adoption rate?

How do I hire a mobile application development company with a better app adoption rate? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

Facts to consider before you Hire Apple iOS Developer

Shubhashish is embarked to handle the technology needs of your business with ability. Our developers and designers hold the noteworthy experience crosswise over industry and have helped organizations over the globe handle the future by reshaping undertaking game-plans. We have worked for various brands crosswise over associations and have earned the renown of being an adaptable professional co-op. With Relianttekk, you can guarantee operational productivity and imaginative approaches.

How do I hire a mobile application development company with a better app adoption rate?

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Which is the best and cost effective Mobile Application development company in India?

Which is the best and cost effective Mobile Application development company in India? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

Web and Mobile app development Company at the leading of Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

"Delivering Technology Solutions to stronger global Businesses"

Increase transformation, drive efficiency, gain business intuitive. See how Shubhashish IT Services Limited helps clients proficiently in business performances. SITSL is one of global major and advanced providers of technology and outsourcing services specializing in Custom software development, Web application development, Mobile app development and Digital marketing. SITSL inventive and leading edge solutions in Application Development, Cloud, web application development, mobile apps development, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise workflow Optimization, unite best in class methodologies utilizing its global delivery model.

Shubhashish IT Services Ltd is a team of top notch software engineers involve clients to design, develop and deploy and support technologies that meet the requirements of client's unique business need.

SITSL brings together more than 8 years of wealthy industry experience with a global footprint across continents, extend its pliable and entrepreneurial services to clients. We are passionate about client satisfaction, which is a solid foundation our delivery process to provide the highest quality in technology services.

Our organization is institutionalized by a strong relationship toward its people and clients.

Founded in the year 2008, SITSL is headquartered on the Northern part of India Jaipur (Pink City) with offices in London, USA with an extended global reach and delivery centers in India catering to a worldwide customer base.

Which is the best and cost effective Mobile Application development company in India?

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iOS App Developer – Just 6 skills & be a winner

We should look at a core aptitudes you would need to become an expert iOS app developer.

Deciding on a profession in mobile app development includes high odds of employment growth and openings, because of perpetually rising cell phone and mobile application use. Per the most recent U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics report, the job growth of mobile app developers is evaluated to be more than 20% for the following five years. So what does it take to wind up distinctly an iPhone app developer? Let’s talk about certain skill sets needed to become a proficient iOS application developer.

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Apple’s programming language – Swift

Swift is an effective programming language claimed by Apple for creating mobile apps particularly for iOS platform. This language is currently utilized for every future advancement/development and projects under iOS. In spite of the fact that the language is immense, the following subjects are sufficient to make you grasp a decent understanding of the language as well as its practicality.

  • Basic Syntax
  • Control Flow (If and Switch Statements)
  • Optionals
  • Objective-C Interoperability
  • Classes, Inheritance & Initialization
  • Error Handling

Spatial Reasoning

The ability to think regarding 3D while imagining spatial connections between objects is a critical tool for iOS application designers. At the point when experts create interfaces for Apple’s products, for example, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and so on they have to self-recognize how users will interact with the application. Along these lines you need a sharp comprehension of the information sources or types of controls accessible for various platforms. What’s more, you should see the gadget/device from the client’s point of view.

Design – Mobile UX/UI Design Guidelines

Image result for Design - Mobile UX/UI Design Guidelines

Most prevalent and effective iOS applications are prominent as a result of their instinct. One of the significant reasons is their strict adherence to characterized strategies and rules. How information is handled and shown on-screen is dealt with in certain ways. To ace the craft of building such instinctive applications, you have to comprehend these plan the aides (guides) and examples.

Organizing – In short ‘Networking’

Before linking networking with mobile application development, think of an application that has no connectivity with the web. It might be extremely hard to name one, as today all of the applications interact with web somehow. However, it is critical for you to comprehend the sending and accepting of information over web or systems administration (networking). For this, you will be should be acquainted with JSON — JavaScript Object Notation. This may appear to be to some degree complex the first run through it’s seen, however it is really a standard data-interchange format that is very clear.

Core Data

Image result for core data icon

Core Data is an ingenuity framework created by Apple for gadgets run on its iOS stage. This framework essentially works by storing information on Apple’s gadgets. For example, in the event that you have ever played old computer games, for example, Super Mario Bros., recollect that it was so disappointing to start the game all over again whenever you turned it on. This was because of the failure of the machine to save the game’s progress.

Terrific – Grand Central Dispatch

Truncated as GCD, this innovation (a technology), additionally created by Apple, permits your application to be “concurrent” in nature, making it conceivable to play out various operations in the meantime. This is immensely imperative since profoundly populated applications have various tasks to experience, for example, gathering information from the web, showing it on-screen, perusing the client’s touch contributions on the gadget and numerous others. Without a doubt, this GCD programming makes the gadget sufficiently effective to hold up under such various strains without slowing down or crashing.

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Facts to consider before you Hire Apple iOS Developer

Today, hand-held devices and gadgets have, as it were, got the thought of the anticipated clients. Shoppers spend around 2-3 hours of their time on cell phones. Things being what they are, to stay resolute in the gathering, your business needs an astounding mobile app development services (iPhone Business Applications). That infers you need to get an exceptional iPhone App Developer or improvement amass. I have recorded a couple tips shared by Apple iOS Developer for finding the best engineer to help scale your business to the following level.

Image result for Certain Tips to Hire iPhone Programmers

Certain Tips to Hire iPhone Programmers

Clear and Brief Candidate Profile

The first and the foremost thing to complete before setting yourself for meeting strategy is to have a quick look at the applicant’s profile. Be clear and specific with your project requirements as well as market trends. It will, over the long haul, save lots of time by pushing down the contenders and help you be in a win-win state.

Look at iOS Programming Language Proficiency

Before you hire dedicated iPhone/iOS Developer, being the proprietor of Custom iPhone App Development you needs to check whether the iOS developer has the required learning in his dominance or not. It essentially implies picking an iPhone app developer with appropriate skill and information.

Image result for iOS Programming Language Proficiency

Will You Ask For Freelancers or Professionals from iPhone Application Development Services Providing Company?

The iOS application developer (s) that you employ for your iPhone Business Applications needs to perform phenomenally in whatever he does. There are various experts in the mobile application development market that keep themselves upgraded with the latest patterns and overhauls (redesigns). Moreover, the engineers that work in the mobile app development company are particularly mindful of the current circumstance too with the latest tools and advances before its fundamental launch. As the association is the substance that necessities to make their architects upgraded at a standard between times, along these lines, one should get a specialist from the association.

Beta Version Working Experience

iOS Programmers who are extremely committed to their advancement ability sets will download the beta variant of the latest iOS Operating System with a specific end goal to through and through the conduct of the framework. Thusly, Hire iPhone App Developer who have worked with the beta frame and who is conferred and excited about moving its learning as to the programming language. It will wind up being an unbelievable preferred standpoint for you and your association.

Have a look at the Portfolio

Image result for Portfolio

The most important job is to take a gander at application developer’s capability to wait rundown the best contender for you. The portfolio will help you to pick how professionally they have completed their undertakings and assignments so far. It will give you a considered enormity they offer to the named errands. You can in like manner check their advancement/development quality by downloading and testing the application made by them.

Ask for Recommendations of their Existing and Past Clients

Talking directly with the clients that the designers are at this moment overseeing will guarantee you if the gathering has truly contributed in making their application to reach the brilliance level or not. It won’t simply affirm you, in any case, checking of past references and clients’ choices will help you to know how responsive, dependable and reliable the advancement association is.

Secure the One that Fits Your Wallet

Image result for Secure the One that Fits Your Wallet

In case you are a learner in the application advancement field and need to leave work imprints in the market, giving extreme contention to the pioneers then, pick the iPhone Application Development Company that fits your wallet. Figure out how to find and continue running with the most direct quality application advancement company around.

Non-Disclosure Agreement and Privacy Concerns – A Must have Feature!

Make sure that you start working with the association in the wake of consenting to Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and security plans. By consenting to such agreement with iOS application advancement association, you can ensure your business and application security is kept up. Similarly, see to it that the benefits of iOS application improvement are ensured to keep up a strategic distance from future conflicts.

Income Generation – The Final Ultimatum!

Image result for Income Generation –

What each and every business suspects from the application advancement association is that – their application must make enough profit. Hire iOS app designer or organization must perceive what business envisions from the application. Notwithstanding the application unleashed as free or paid form; they should win salary through In-application purchases, mobile advancements and at all the case may be.

Go Get Your iOS App Developer!

Hiring the best iPhone application developer from the endless is an annoying errand. One needs to experience numerous segments to select best from the rest. Make sure that before you Hire Dedicated iPhone/iOS Developer, on the more before starting the advancement, you need to be clear with the terms keeping in mind the end goal to avoid any future conflicts and perplexities.