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What’s the best way (or place) to find a technical co-founder / business partner?

What's the best way (or place) to find a technical co-founder / business partner? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

Partner For Technology is setting the new standards & redefining the brand chemistry in the marketplace, thus is shaping new forms of customer value. It's vigilant ability to see change & adapt to it implies that Partner For Technology is keeping ahead of the game. That is, being a technology consultant – high performance delivered.

If you have an awe-inspiring app idea, but waiting for the right opportunity to knock your door – Your business incubator PartnerForTechnology awaits for you

Partner Technology, Technology Platform Partners For Web and Mobile App Design, Development

Founded in the Year 2016, as a private limited company, Partner For Technology justifying its initial existence has stretched its hands out as a technology consultants for the startups. With the State-of – the -Art Technology and with the meticulously trained professional staff, Partner For Technology fuels the business visionaries' growth engine with assured business application development – based quotes by automating and orchestrating the complete enterprise lifecycle from lead to care.

Let us help you to take your business to the next level; Roll out the application to your entire business house. Simply get the mobile and web application – ahead in development, & reap infinite financial rewards.

What's the best way (or place) to find a technical co-founder / business partner?

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Which sites help startups find strategic business partners?

Which sites help startups find strategic business partners? by Annora Terrell

Answer by Annora Terrell:

A business incubator, helps to build your business, as high potential businesses deserve the best chance to grow.


Works with start-ups and established businesses

Builds a steady pipeline of entrepreneurs

Provides entrepreneurs with Next Big Business App

Stimulates an interest in entrepreneurship

We Have A Great Team to Develop "IT", Let’s Talk – We offer a truly dynamic process of entrepreneurial development designed to increase business success through funding opportunities and entrepreneurial resources that accelerate growth and profitability, confidential periodic progress reviews, consulting and mentoring services.

Which sites help startups find strategic business partners?

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iOS App Development & Swift Programing Language – Enterprises Preference; Know Why ?

The noticeable surge in the cell phone users has urged business visionaries to take the “BIG” stride of moving from desktop to other mobile devices. Considered as a standout amongst the most prosperous business areas, enterprise mobile app development has tremendously transformed the way business tasks are executed. Since this new programming language – Swift launch, iPhone Application Development has been a hotly debated issue among many top enterprises.

Image result for iOS App Development & Swift Programing Language - Enterprises Preference; Know Why ?

In general, leading Mobile App Development Services providing organizations believes that it is a right time to switch to a fully-featured and more approachable code language for iOS app development (Custom iPhone App Development). With application advancement in Swift, organizations have recognized a huge extension in creating enterprise apps, endowed with various functionalities that improve the user experience, fulfill client needs and produce maximum income. We have seen the certain progressive innovations ascent lately, similar the ones such as IoT, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, bringing changes all through the business, correspondingly like iPhone Application Development in Swift.

Since this new programming language launch, application development in Swift has dependably been amidst all discourses among enterprises. It has a higher quality code, is less demanding to maintain and hold a decent execution level. After its launch, iOS new language can possibly turn into the successful coding style for making immersive, responsive, as well as consumer-focused enterprise applications.

Let’s discuss some recent cases –

The application team at LinkedIn chose to opt Swift for the SlideShare application advancement as its syntax is extremely straightforward and exceptionally expressive. As indicated by them, Swift’s functional programming features and concentration on security was the main thrust, for the switch. As of late, application improvement in Swift has turned into the discussion of the times, being a decent enterprise decision for applications like Getty Images, Lyft, LinkedIn, and American Airlines. The initial adopters of Apple Inc.’s new language end-to-end approach are as of now observing the esteem it conveys to their business.

Tim Cook alluded Swift as the ‘next prominent programming language”, iPhone app developers will create applications, in “the following 20 years”. Tim Cook lined that announcement up with two of the most imperative words, any iOS programmer can ever hear – “open source.”

The open source nature of Swift has made it a standout amongst the most favored application programming languages amongst iOS application developers who can’t bear to invest resources into the device for building stunning enterprise applications. Application improvement in Apple’s new language gives amazing chances for building applications effectively and rapidly. Other intriguing issues identified with big business (enterprise) application development in Swift incorporates – open source libraries and adaptability to develop contextual applications on most recent iOS versions.

Another trend presented in application advancement in Swift would be the continuous shift of enterprise applications on the cloud architecture. This enterprise move has urged dedicated iOS application developers to enjoy the various sorts of application development for payment processing, content management, CRM, robotized billing systems, messaging system and much more.

Image result for Let's discuss some recent cases of swift programming

Why will you require Swift? Each business that requirements to grow more interactive and faster mobile app on the iOS platform must search for Mobile Application Development Company offering development services in Swift. The iOS Swift improvement would bring sensible functional components into play, reducing the time and overhead for your business operations. Today’s iOS/iPhone programmers are keeping pace with the most recent moves in the language and using this framework to profit their worldwide customers. Application designers are familiar with the resilient and the compact Swift code and follow the prescribed procedures of application improvement in Swift – to develop a wide range of applications. The language is effectively understandable and its syntax is fundamentally the same as English. Swift moving to the Cloud extends its value universally. Creating Swift applications in the cloud must be straightforward and fast.

Swift spares enterprise cash as they are compiled codes. With an application written in PHP, the server needs to compile the code on the fly, which requires processing assets unfailingly. That implies less hardware, less cash, more security and greater scalability. In the course of recent years, App Sore has paid over $30 billion to iOS application engineers. It holds the record of application download at more than 100 million and averaging 850 downloads every second. 83% of the iOS clients have the most recent versions instead of just 12% of the Android users. Tim Cook more than once emphasized enterprise establishments like privacy, security, and trust.

Apple’s iOS8 was a huge release for the enterprise that seems to have paid off. As per Apple, 98% of Fortune 500 organizations have built at least one iOS applications since iOS8 was released.

Apple CEO Cook Tim said – After Swift’s release as an open source project, more than 100,000 applications have incorporated the Swift code and it has turned into the main language project on GitHub. He additionally said that is so easy to learn and it can possibly bring numerous individuals into coding.

Key advantages of Swift in Enterprise App Development:

Aside from aiding in building secure and robust enterprise application, Swift makes these enterprise application advancements, dynamic in the following three ways.

Image result for Key advantages of Swift in Enterprise App Development:

  • Multi-faceted language: It is thought to be a multifaceted programming language that permits iOS application engineers to build a wide range of applications from, including regularly used enterprise applications, and furthermore advanced low-power Apple Watch applications.
  • Open source for big business/enterprise application development: It is a major move by Apple. Before Apple’s new language, Microsoft.NET was the most utilized open-source language in the enterprise environ. Open sourcing of core library empowers designers to create effective logical enterprise applications on the most recent form of iOS, giving ascend to streamlined business forms.
  • Eliminated initial application estimate with Dynamic Libraries: On most events, enterprise applications set aside a greater opportunity to stack. Application improvement in Swift uses dynamic libraries which are straightforwardly transferred to the memory, eliminating the underlying application size, at last increasing the application execution.

Objective-C is the past and Swift is the eventual fate of big business application improvement. The application created in Swift – genuinely has satisfied the name, by being fast, of a superior quality and offering elite (high-performance). With a strong community bolster, it is a modern day programming language of iOS improvement. It has ended up being a more intelligent programming language, one that can make a more straightforward and important connection betwixt iOS application designers and end users.

The new programming language is turning out to be more popular and, in time, may locate a home on corporate servers. The likelihood of extending it to the server side made it the most-adored programming language by iPhone developers. Swift on the cloud is profoundly streamlining the designer experience, and associations of all sizes can profit by this quickened way to profitability. Successful application development in Swift– has made it a favored language for big business use, and it is energizing to realize that an ever-increasing number of organizations are beginning to understand the advantages of this new programming language. There is a massive ecosystem growing around Swift, and by putting the right tools in the hands of iPhone programmers, it is helping enterprises to accelerate their way to profitability. Efficiency advantages of the new language don’t just originate from within the code – a superior application with less code – it additionally originates from development team getting a charge out of what they do. Consequently, Swift most likely is a distinct advantage for enterprises.

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Know Some Web Designing Trends of ’17

2016 was the time of UX/UI design advancement. We saw the ascent of chatbots and developing IoT arrangements’ selection. Openness advocates at the end of the day accentuated the blended capacity site creation significance and application use situations. The flat design prominence saw a steady decay. What are the most recent website architecture patterns for 2017 and ahead? Responsive Website Design Company weighs in.


Best SEVEN trends in website architecture (web design)

AI is a distinct advantage. Machine learning algorithms back/support PayPal fight misrepresentation. When you open the Safari browser on your iPhone, you see the rundown of sites you visit frequently. Telstra, the greatest Australian broadcast communications organization, swung to biometrics to secure their Home Automation systems. AI (Artificial Intelligence) impacts each software and hardware development field; it’s no big surprise the worldwide AI market will reach $ 16 billion by 2020! In any case, it is chatbots that will overwhelm mobile and web application development trends in 2017 and ahead. A few organizations, including H&M, Sephora, and Forbes have assembled AI chatbots to circulate content, answer clients’ inquiries and explore them through online indexes. Why not adopt the comparable strategy to site improvement (web development)?

Organizations go mobile-first. Late reviews assert the average user reaches his cell phone no less than 200 times each day. A year ago mobile search inquiries at last outpaced desktop and topped 113 billion. In the event that you consider building a site this year (or taking the PHP Web Application Development Services assistance), make a point, to begin with, a mobile version and continue to the desktop version later on. The approach will help you maintain a strategic distance from feature creep and deliver a definitive user experience on any screen (with the help of Responsive Website Design services);

Text styles get bigger and bolder. Limit sans-serif textual styles are decipherable and do look brilliant. In any case, now web designers begin utilizing both  neo-grotesque and serif textual styles and settle on geometric and monospaced types that incorporates a significant space on a page to highlight content;

Material design overwhelms. Every one of the sites that have been made throughout the most recent couple of years appears to be identical. Accordingly, many brands now feel they’ve lost their personality. As per a reputed web designer, 2017 will be “the time of the crazy”. Brilliant hues and gradients are making a huge rebound – and this time, it may be for good;

Configuration now spins around the client. Convey the correct substance to the correct client and at the ideal time – isn’t it something each organization longs for? On account of beacons, the expanded mobile applications use, customer loyalty programs, and machine learning algorithms; technically knowledgeable brands now have enough information to make a point by point purchaser personas – and also the tools to come down to something important. Dedicated web designers, in their turn, can use the information for micro connections and in time content deliverance;

Open web composition and asymmetries are trending. Through 2017, web designers offering Web UI/UX Design services will abandon the standard moderate formats for dynamic compositions where headers, menus, and catches are not adjusted and frequently overlap (regardless of being based on classic complexity of hues, sizes, and forms);

The unified web outline (design) is all. Gartner asserts that by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion associated gadgets worldwide (contrasted with only 6.4 billion gadgets in 2016). You never apprehend what gadget your site or application will be accessed from. Android app development and its fragmentation is a warm-up in correlation – with what we’ll be experiencing sooner! Do you (and your seller!) stay aware of the most recent web and UX/UI design patterns? If not, then Hire Web Design Professionals to stay tuned and earn profits.


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Android App Development – Know It’s Direful Myths

As indicated by the AppBrain statistics, the present number of mobile applications in Google Play is quickly making a beeline for 3 million, and this ascending pattern isn’t probably going to change soon. Sounds promising from a dedicated mobile application developer perspective, isn’t that so?

Image result for unique picture of Android

All things considered, it isn’t that easy. The rundown of top Android app developers is hardly changing much, over the previous years, particularly in the competitive categories. Apparently, just the most fortunate [and the craziest] would set out rival giants, such as Google or Facebook, not to mention, a win over some share of their loyal group of onlookers.

It leaves fewer specialties worth struggling/fighting.

Leaving gaming applications aside, most iOS app developers or say Android programmers’ expectations, by and large, succumb to tools and, unquestionably, personalization applications.

Most importantly, the type of alternatives to experiment with appears to be enormous. Also, open-source libs around the Web conceivably limit the diligent work. To wrap things up, if there’s no Google, who can keep their application from getting to the top?

Indeed, that is the point at which the fantasy of feasible achievement plays a trap on hybrid app developers’ psyche, and here’s the reason.

Myth 1. The assortment of alternatives to try out is large

The top 10 Personalization applications as of now incorporate gadget/device launchers, subjects/backdrops and ready-to-use ringtones for smartphone users. That is it.

The top- 10 applications in Tools are generally device cleaners, battery savers, and antiviruses, as needs are.

At last, the “tremendous assortment of choices” is restricted to possibly three popular application sorts for each category. Sounds disheartening, ha? Hold up, it deteriorates.

Over the previous year, the backdrop/subject/ringtone applications prominence, not to mention the device cleaners/CPU optimizers have been consistently decreasing for one clear reason – they’re proving futile.

Why would one download a separate wallpaper application, if he can easily select an outstanding wallpaper or screensaver from his photo Gallery?

Image result for The assortment of alternatives to try out is large for android

Who needs a ringtone list, if cutting short any tune on gadget takes seconds in an easy-to-use ringtone maker application, as Ringtone Maker Wiz.

Second, now to gadget cleaners and battery savers… Have you ever considered the amount CPU or battery such an application devours itself? Simply try to track it once, you’ll be stunned!

Honestly, you’ll be fortunate to wind up with a same saved CPU and battery life with and without a memory cleaner on your smartphone or tablet!

Myth 2. Open-source libs limit diligent work

Simply look past the specified top-10 Tools and Personalization applications – you’ll discover a huge number of application analogs.

The functional core of such Android or iOS applications is generally based upon one of the well-known open-source libs, and their advancement, clearly, didn’t take much time or dedicated mobile app developer efforts.

In any case, who might introduce an inadequately performing, monstrous application analog, rather than a stylish (reliable) application by a dependable Android app developer that a trustworthy Mobile app development company hires.

I wouldn’t, would You?

Myth 3. No Google, no opposition

Best 10 Personalization applications neither incorporate Google, nor Facebook applications. Does it mean the opposition in this specialty gets less extreme? Ugh, no, simply take a gander at the table beneath:

Aspect Personalization: # of apps
Total # of apps 153 507
Free apps 121 270 (79% of total in category)
Mid-/high-quality apps 128 945 (84% of total in category)
Apps with 50 000+ downloads 13 723 (9% of total in category)


As we see, the potential contenders just among the free Personalization applications surpasses 120 000!

Also, despite the fact that the greater part of the contenders is mid-or high-quality applications, their download rate is сritically low!

What does this mean? Regardless of the possibility that your recently included Personalization application is great, odds are, despite everything you won’t hold the ability to adapt it on Google Play. It’s tragic, however true.