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Methods for mounting User Engagement in iOS Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are important part of everyone’s life. We use apps to do daily activities. Developing an engaging app takes much more than just a purpose. There is no constant definition of engagement across various products.
Unlike page views, visitors, returning visitors, and conversions, there’s also no analytics app that can right away tell you what you need to know.

There are lots of companies which exist in a mobile only or a mobile first format. It is very important for developers to pursue the best practices, and stay up to-day with the fresh trends in app usage. iPhone app development is the necessary thing in market as a large number of people are using it. And making it useful and popular, we have to make efforts for user engagement.

In this post I am throwing light on the ways for growing engagement on iOS apps. Some techniques are suitable for Android apps as well.

  1. Craft a leading App Store Listing

Why someone is going to download your app. Why he will compromise for storage in his device for your app. This is a really a big thing as how the app is engaging users like if it is engaging in right way of engagement is good for your app and its future development or you are overdoing it, you can feel disappointments. Remember one can also uninstall the app if he is feeling inconvenience as many times the pop ups appear.

iPhone Application Development

You can regularly ask for the feedback from testers and take proper time to realise the necessary things to do. It is also fruitful if you are continuously keeping your eye on featured apps. And focus on benefits with features as much as possible.


  1. Push + Local Notifications

One of the excellent ways to increase engagement and improve user retention is to use push notifications, and local notifications. These notification allows the app to reach users (and do little tasks) even when the app is not in use actively.

Image result for Push + Local Notifications in iphone

Push notifications can:

  • Play a notification sound
  • Display a short text message
  • Provide actions the user can take without opening the app
  • set a badge number on the app’s icon
  • be silent, allowing the app to wake up in the background and do a task


  1. Mobile App Deep Linking

Another way to make better engagement is to utilise deep linking. Deep linking is the exercise of using a within-app linking structure to direct mobile users to specific pages within the iPhone application development, not directing the user to the app’s homepage.

Image result for Mobile App Deep Linking

This form of engagement is the mobile app equivalent of a URL, allowing users and developers to take advantage of a deeper layer of share-ability. Deep linking makes it possible to share a particular piece of application content with a URL, just as you would do with a web page.


  1. Localisation + Internationalisation

Localisation is the process of translating your app into multiple languages. Speaking with your users in their own language to engage with them on a cultural level. Usually, the option to choose a language is offered upon installation; however another option in the app settings can also be devoted to this feature.

Image result for Localisation + Internationalisation

But before going for localisation, you have to internationalise your app. It’s the process of giving your app the ability to become accustomed to different languages, regions, and cultures.


  1. Spotlight Indexing

Spotlight indexing allows developers the ability to index application content in spotlight search, letting users to search the app without opening it. This is a fine form of engagement, as it permits the app to still capture the user’s attention even after it is not working.


  1. SiriKit

SiriKit provides the ability to converse with your users in the app. Influence the Siri interface to engage with users in a very likely way—through chat.

Siri will only be capable to connect with apps that fall into one of the following categories

  • Payments Messaging
  • Ride booking
  • VoIP calling
  • Workouts
  • Photo Search


  1. Social Media Integration

Social media is a great tool for both marketing, and as a way of engaging with your app’s user base.

While social shareability is serious to engagement, it ought not to be invasive, and must not get in the way with the user experience. When done properly, however, social shareability can bring you countless new users.









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