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What One Needs to Take Care of before Hiring a Android Programmer

In today’s life, Mobile apps are connecting more of the planet, and enable users more interesting or innovative way to engage around the globe that they never imagine. The job of the mobile app developer is developing applications for mobile devices powered by the Android operating system, have become more enhancing, Observing. The mobile applications we all need every day have changed the way we execute business, the way we connect and gain entertainment, the way we know new things about the world.


For making Android applications, a deep knowledge of programming and design required. For hire android app developer should have technical and nontechnical knowledge of every relevant field, it is always easy to have technical skills but non technical skills are more important than it. One should look for developers that are familiar with the emerging open source libraries.

Some important notes during hiring an Android developer:


For hiring a skilled android developer, the imperative thing to scan is his/her experience. Making a market-centric and business-centric app is really a difficult task and needs to be done with effective way and that have a need of experience developers.


An android developer must be comfortable with the Java programming language and everybody knows that java is heart of the android app development. Developer doesn’t have need to know about the latest version, but he should have a good knowledge of the basic programming structures and syntax. He should have knowledge about variables, loops, lists, control structures and OOPS concepts.


Understanding of XML:

XML is created as a standard technique to encode data for internet-based applications. It called structured mark-up language, In the Android world, XML used to create layouts which serve the foundation UI definition for Android apps. So mastering in the basics of XML is an important skill developer.

The Android SDK:

A developer should be knows basic concepts of android like basic understanding of layouts and views, Activities and their life cycle, User input, gaining data from the web, Storing data, Collection views and Adaptors, Action Bar, Accommodating different screen sizes and densities.


Back-end Skills:

To make the server, application, and database communicate with each other, back-end developer use server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python, Java, and .Net. So android developers comfortable on the back end of their system. Back-end skills used to create database of any system.


The developer should be able to work with different APIS and have an experience to handle these APIS with programming.


Collaboration and communication:

Collaboration with a team in most developer positions is vitally important. A android programmer will need to collaborate with his/her delegate of organisation. A developer should have strong communication skills.


Writing is becoming more important in an economy that travels the world, so make sure the person is comfortable communicating via written text. As a developer he/she may be expected to write things like technical documentation, summaries of your work for non-technical co-workers, user-facing text within the app, and regular communication via chat, email, etc.


Team Management:

An efficient programmer must have the talent to bet a team manager and can be handle all the team members patiently.


Everyone is often looking for “passionate, motivated” employees, the important feeling they want to convey is that they believe in what the developer is doing and developer believe in himself that he will excel at the position.

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